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A. Ambainis, A. Yakaryilmaz. Superiority of exact quantum automata for promise problems. Information Processing Letters 112(7): 289-291 (2012)

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A. Ambainis. Variable time amplitude amplification and a faster quantum algorithm for solving systems of linear equations. Proceedings of STACS 2012, to appear. Also arXiv:1010.4458.



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A. Ambainis, A. Bačkurs, K. Balodis, D. Kravchenko, R. Ozols, J. Smotrovs, M. Virza: Quantum strategies are better than classical in almost any XOR game. arXiv:1112.3330 (2011)

A. Ambainis, A. Bačkurs, N. Nahimovs, R. Ozols, A. Rivosh: Search by quantum walks on two-dimensional grid without amplitude amplification. arXiv:1112.3337 (2011)



A. Ambainis. New Developments in Quantum Algorithms (invited talk). MFCS 2010: 1-11

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A. Ambainis, A. Childs, B. Reichardt, R. Spalek, S. Zhang, "Any AND-OR formula of size N can be evaluated in time O(N^{1/2+epsilon}) on a quantum computer". SIAM Journal on Computing, 39(6): 2513-2530, 2010. Earlier version of this paper at FOCS'07.



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