EU Citizenship – Solidarity without Limits?


                                                                                3 December 2012 guest lecture by:

                                                         Prof Dr Dr Norbert Reich










The concept of EU Citizenship probably illustrates best the dynamics of EU law as well as the complexity of the implications of European integration through a rigorous jurisprudence by the Court of Justice of the EU. Be it the question of granting access to Austrian Universities for potential masses of German medicine students, the access of EU citizens to social benefits in other Member States: The concept continuously seems to strain the willingness of Member States to show solidarity when it comes to sharing the fruits paid by national taxpayers with others who do not contribute to similar benefits.  This general tension has even intensified in a more recent conflict which arose on whether citizenship provisions are limited to cross-border situations, or can also be invoked in 'purely internal matters'.


Prof Dr Dr Reich will explain the history and development of EU Citizenship and highlight the conflict of a principle of European solidarity with the interest of Member States to protect the functioning of their national social achievements.



PDF of the Draft “EU Citizenship” of N Reich “Understanding EU Law 3rd edition, forthcoming




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