Quantum Random Access Codes
with shared randomness

Interactive 3D codes

You can explore interactive 3D models of the codes described in our paper here (under construction). Your web browser must support Java, JavaScript, XML and XSLT in order to view this page. Luckily, most modern web browsers do (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).

LiveGraphics3D Java applet created by Martin Kraus is used to visualize our quantum random access codes. The input for the applet was produced using Mathematica 5.2.


The preprint of our paper has been posted on arXiv.org.
This is were you can get it: arXiv:0810.2937. [16.10.2008.]

It is also available on our homepage.
You can get it here. [16.10.2008.]


You can get an updated version of our presentation here. [20.06.2008.]
It was presented at 5th Canadian Quantum Information Students' Conference (CQISC'08) in University of Montreal.

The old version is available here here. [summer 2006.]
It was presented at IQC lunch in University of Waterloo.


We submited our result to QIP 2009.
You can get the abstract here (2 pages). [20.10.2008.]

We also submited it to CCC 2009.
You can get the abstract here (7 pages). [13.02.2009.]


You can get our poster at QIP 2009 here. [08.01.2009.]

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