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    Once lying in front of the BOX and watching more and more movies,mtv....I wondered how should I feel about my own feelings,problems,I mean, do I have to wear some levi's jeans to look cool or just stay alive with the coca-cola ? Probably something has gone wrong with my attitude to the things themselves.What's so unusual, you might ask ? Well, it wouldn't be true to say I've never thought about that but I just started to wonder why the things are the way they are,isn't it stylish ? For example - why should I watch advertising on TV,it's just pushing me down. It's waste of time,some poeple said,let's try the NET. So ,I've spent a lot of time surfing the net...in fact,there is consumer group (let me call it this way ) who are doing the same by different reasons - accessing the net because of everyone else is thinking about it or to look like a forward thinking human....Thereby some advertisers are choosing to take their money to CYBERSPACE to catch the getaway consumer (so,here is coca-cola again).
    Once spending hours online I realized - CULTURE was never so much fun.
    The cyberspace even could satisfy your intimite needs,there is everything you want - soaps,entertainment,bussiness,news, (mental) sex and etc. The most enjoyable ,you could take part and create your own WEBPAGE with the information you are interested in.
    There are thousands of webpages with huge information about the things you've never imagined...Sometimes it seems it'll never end...just lost in cyberspace....

    A wise man once said :

    "NOT all those who wander are lost".

    tell the others ?

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