We Prick You

Music by Bowie/Eno. Lyrics by Bowie.


White boys falling on the fires of night
(I wish you'd tell)
Flesh punks burning in their glue
Revelation comes in the strangest way
(I wish you'd tell)

I'd rather be inside you

Tell the truth
Tell the truth
Tell the truth
We prick you we prick you we prick you

You show respect even if you disagree
You show respect

Mama can I kiss you daddy can I tell
(we wish you well)
Innocence passed me by
Wanna be screwing when the nightmare comes
(I wish you well)
Wanna come quick and die

All the little rose-kissed foxy girls
(shoes, shoes, little white shoes)
Where have all the flowers gone
All the little fragile champion boys
(toys, toys, little black toys)
Dripping on the end of a gun 
To be sung by members of the Court of Justice.

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