Invited and Plenary Talks       


  1. J.Spigulis (invited). In-vivo skin imaging techniques. Baltic Biophysics Conference, Kaunas (LT), 5 October 2018.
  2. J.Spigulis (invited). Lasers for in-vivo skin diagnostics: some recent developments. 20th International Conference and School on Quantum Electronics “Laser Physics and Applications”, Nesebar (BG), 20 September 2018.
  3. J.Spigulis (invited). Hyperspectral and multispectral skin imaging. Summer School on Optics & Photonics, Oulu (FI), 3 June 2017.
  4. J.Spigulis (invited). Multi-laser illumination designs for skin chromophore mapping. “Advanced Laser Technologies 2016”, Galway (IE), 12 September 2016.
  5. J.Spigulis (invited). Remote imaging techniques for skin assessment and monitoring. „Photonica 2015”, Belgrade (SR), 25 August 2015.
  6. J.Spigulis (invited). Optical techniques for distant assessment of human skin. IEEE 3rd International Conference on Biophotonics, Florence (IT), 20 May 2015.
  7. J.Spigulis (plenary). Optical techniques for non-contact skin diagnostics and monitoring. 16TH Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, Gothenborg (SE), 15 October 2014.
  8. J.Spigulis (invited). "SkImager: a concept device for in-vivo skin assessment by multimodal imaging"Technomedicum 20th ACC, Tallinn (EE), 3 October 2014.
  9. J.Spigulis (plenary). Optical non-contact skin sensors. 1st Int.Conf. “Biophotonics – Riga 2013”, Riga (LV), 30 Aug. 2013.
  10. J.Spigulis (invited). Non-contact skin assessment for Dermatology and Anaesthesiology. PIERS (Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium), Stockholm (SE), 13 Aug. 2013.
  11. J.Spigulis (invited). Laser-excited skin photo-bleaching effects. LAT 2013 (Int. Conf. on Lasers, Applications and Technologies), Moscow (RU), 19 June 2013.
  12. J. Spigulis (plenary). Optical diagnostic techniques for dermatology and cardiology: from lab to clinic. - Saratov Fall Meeting “Optical Technologies in Biophysics & Medicine XIV”, Saratov (RU), 27 Sept. 2012.
  13. J. Spigulis (invited). Biophotonics: optical technologies for health. - 6th Int. Conf. “Developments in Optics and Communications”, Riga (LV), 30 Apr. 2011.
  14. J. Spigulis (invited). Advanced optical technologies for in-vivo skin assessment. – 1Oth Int. Conf. “Advanced Laser Technologies”, Egmond aan Zee (NL), 12 Sep. 2010.
  15. J. Spigulis (invited). Lasers for medical diagnostics and monitoring. – Alexander von Humbolt Forum “Science& Society in Modern Europe”, Vilnius (LT), 25 Sep. 2010.
  16. J. Spigulis (invited). Optical technologies for skin assessment (photoplethysmography, laser-Doppler, fluorescence, multi-spectral). - Infotech Oulu Workshop 2010 on Optoelectronics Devices and Instrumentation X (summer school), Oulu (FI), 7 Jun. 2010.
  17. J. Spigulis (invited). Laser technologies for skin assessment. – Laserlab Europe Training School for Potential Users, Riga (LV), 24 Apr. 2010.
  18. J. Spigulis (invited). Optical technologies for distant diagnostics and monitoring. - 2nd Congress of Baltic Association on Laser Medicine “Photo Medicine 2009”, Vilnius (LT), 5 Sep. 2009.
  19. J. Spigulis (invited). Skin optics as a tool for distant health assessment. - 4th Int. Conf. “Northern Optics”, Vilnius (LT), Lithuania, 26 Aug. 2009.
  20. J. Spigulis (invited). Application prospects of silica core side-glowing optical fibers. – SPIE “Optics and Optoelectronics”, Warsaw (PL), 5 Aug. 2005.