Quantum Computing at the University of Latvia

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, 22 December
Relaxations of Graph Isomorphism by Laura Mančinska
14:30. 4th Floor.

6-22 December
Seminars on Communication Complexity by Kamil Khadiev
(Tuesdays at 14:30/ Thursdays at 13:00)

13-16 October
Joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days in Lilaste

About Us

We are an internationally regarded quantum computing research group in the Faculty of Computing at the University of Latvia. Our group is currently led by Andris Ambainis, and we focus on the theoretical aspects of quantum information including quantum algorithms, computational complexity, communications, and cryptography.

Andris Ambainis

Recent Preprints

  1. Aleksandrs Belovs, Gilles Brassard, Peter Hoyer, Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante and Louis Salvail, "Provably secure key establishment against quantum adversaries," arXiv:1704.08182
  2. Andris Ambainis and Martins Kokainis, "Quantum algorithm for tree size estimation, with applications to backtracking and 2-player games," arXiv:1704.06774
  3. Kamil Khadiev and Rishat Ibrahimov, "Width Hierarchies for Quantum and Classical Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams with Repeated Test," arXiv:1703.07891
  4. Rishat Ibrahimov, Kamil Khadiev and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz, "Exact Affine OBDDs," arXiv:1703.07184
  5. Farid Ablayev, Kamil Khadiev and Aliya Khadieva, "Lower Bound and Hierarchies for Quantum Ordered Read-k-times Branching Programs," arXiv:1703.05015
  6. Masaki Nakanishi and Abuzer Yakaryılmaz, "Affine counter automata," arXiv:1703.04281
  7. Manik Banik, Some Sankar Bhattacharya, Nirman Ganguly, Tamal Guha, Amit Mukherjee, Ashutosh Rai, Arup Roy, "Bayesian Games, Social Welfare Solutions and Quantum Entanglement," arXiv:1703.02773
  8. Maria Quadeer, Manik Banik, Andris Ambainis and Ashutosh Rai, "Strong supremacy of quantum systems as communication resource," arXiv:1703.01996
  9. Andris Ambainis and Janis Iraids, "Optimal one-shot quantum algorithm for EQUALITY and AND," arXiv:1701.06942
  10. Aida Gainutdinova and Abuzer Yakaryılmaz, "Nondeterministic unitary OBDDs," arXiv:1612.07015