Joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days at Ratnieki

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Estonian Computer Science Theory Days started in 2002 and have been organized biannually since then. In Latvia, a similar event, Computer Science Days, has been organized since 2011, once a year. The first joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days were held in 2010. This year, we are organizing the third such event. The main goal of the Theory Days is to let the theoretical computer scientists of our two countries to get acquainted with the work of each other. In particular, the main audience is intended to be the graduate students in the roles of both listeners and presenters.

The event will take place at the recreational and conference complex Ratnieki (map1, map2) in Līgatne parish, Latvia, from October 2 to 5, 2014 (from Thursday afternoon to Sunday noon).

Here you can find information about how to sign up. The registration deadline is September 18.

Getting to Ratnieki.

Getting home: On October 5 there will be chartered buses to Tartu and to Rīga, leaving Ratnieki at around 14:20 and arriving in Tartu at around 17:30, in Rīga at around 15:30.

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Andris Ambainis
Peeter Laud
Helger Lipmaa
Juris Smotrovs
Tarmo Uustalu
Varmo Vene

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