Basic vocabulary of European Union law   


Rīga, 30.06.2010

[ Eiropas tiesību pamattermini ] [ Grundwortschatz Europarecht ]

The project

The "Basic vocabulary of European Union law" ("Eiropas tiesību pamattermini" / "Grundwortschatz Europarecht") comprises basic terms from the founding treaties and legal acts of the European Union and from legal dogmatics. It shall facilitate an easy but precise multilingual communication. The Latvian translation mainly follows the continental European legal terminology, aspiring to avoid the misunderstandings caused by translations from English. In some cases, serious differences are explained in footnotes.

The "Basic vocabulary of European Union law" is a joint project of Thomas Schmitz (German and English terminology, editor), Kaspars Gailītis, Jūlija Kolomijceva, Kristīna Krasta, Ieva Vanaga and Līga Ziediņa (Latvian terminology). It was compiled in 2008/09 in a project of the Baltisch-Deutsches Hochschulkontor and thoroughly revised and updated in 2010 in a free project (without participation of the Hochschulkontor). The second edition incorporates the numerous changes and innovations brought by the Treaty of Lisbon. For any work with older texts, the first edition will stay available for download in the internet. We thank all users for their hints and suggestions. Further on, suggestions for complements and improvements are welcome (please contact Kaspars Gailītis or Thomas Schmitz).

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30.06.2010: Schmitz (ed.), Basic vocabulary of European Union law (2nd edition 2010) (de-en-lv, en-de-lv, lv-de-en)


For any work with old texts see also: Schmitz (ed.), Basic vocabulary of European Union law (1st edition 2009)



Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitz