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The big part of a site " On a visit at Victor " is allocated to draughts (checkers). Language - LAT, RUS, ENG. Informs about tournaments on draughts-64, 100 and the Brazilian version in Latvia and in the world. Also is located training materials, tournament tables, photo etc. The Site is open 13.04.2002....

The basic language of a site is Latvian.

On Russian language it is translated news and separate articles. 

The English language is used very little - basically at illumination of the international tournaments in Latvia


You can use the on-line translator:

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Answers to some questions 

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1. The main problem of a personal site - to provide Latvian audience with the information about draughts events in the world - draughts-100 and draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian versions) and to give a material for those who draughts while... does not play. 

2. Section "NEWS-CONTACTS" - any draughts player here can place the post data and a photo for simplification of restoration of the lost contacts. 

3. Section "SITE-FROM YOUR LETTERS" - fragments of your letters are located in section only with the consent of their authors. 

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